Sunday, May 31, 2009

Century Club

This morning I woke up motivated and ready to ride. I was happy because yesterday I could barely function. I took a short ride on Saturday and knew I needed to take a long ride this weekend to boost my confidence for the 60 mile ride next week.

I decided to head down to Yellow Springs, Ohio to check out the Little Miami Scenic Trail. I heard it was a long trail that basically goes from Springfield Ohio to Cincinnati Ohio. I have to say this is going to be my favorite place to take visitors when they come to visit me, not only can you take an awesome bike ride but you can get AWESOME ice cream at Young's when done.

While riding this morning I was thinking about my plan to ride 100 miles in a day by the end of the summer. I imagine I will need an entire day to do that ride so I can stop and snack/lunch a few times along the way. This then made me reflect back upon my college days.

While in college one of the very famous drinking games we would play was Century Club. The idea was to sit around and drink a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. I remember my goal during one random semester was to become a member of the century club. I can't remember if I ever attained this goal which is probably not a good thing. I'm guessing I never did because that would have been like drinking 10 beers in 100 minutes. I then started to think about my new goal of doing a Century Ride sometime in August. I was thinking about who is going to collect me along the way if I fail, who will be at the end to collect my bike and my body if I succeed, and how excited I would be if I did succeed.

My new goal means a sore butt, achy arms, and dry puffy eyes. Actually, when I really think about it the outcome of my new goal isn't that much different from the Century Club, except that my body thanks me after a bike ride and I have a true sense of accomplishment. I'm happy my goals have changed.


  1. Oooh yes, new goals to replace old goals - signs of progress indeed. When you beat me to your first century ride (I've only done a metric century (100K NOT Miles) - you will truly be my hero - Good Luck and Happy Riding!!

  2. Oh and do I love the new goals too :) Maybe we can take a ride when I'm in Chicago this summer. Oh and I think what I am doing this weekend is a metric century. 62 miles right?