Sunday, May 17, 2009

Helmets are Sexy (but cute on kids)!!! (and other random thoughts)

Helmets are Sexy (but cute on kids)

There are a few things that bother me:

1) Seeing adults ride their bikes without helmets
2) Seeing parents riding their bikes with no helmets but their children have helmets
3) Seeing kids riding around on their bikes with their parents and none of them have on helmets.

I'm going to start a helmets are sexy campaign here in Columbus. I'm going to start by having a cycling jersey made with this saying on the back. After that I'm going to try and figure out how to get bike helmets donated so I can stand on the bike path and hand the helmets out to all the people who have their heads openly exposed to the concrete.

Distracted Drivers

I almost got run over yesterday. It seems to be the story of my life these days, but yesterday was the closest call. I was riding to work and while turning a corner in a double turn lane, the guy in the inside lane decided to go straight. I bet he/she was texting while driving. I am going to try and pay a little more attention while I drive so I don't scare the crap out of a cyclist and myself. Maybe you should too...

Missing Out

When I got downtown yesterday I ran into a wall of runners/joggers/walkers. I got up to my office, looked out my window and immediately felt like I was missing out on something pretty awesome. More than 8,000 people showed up for the annual Race for the Cure. My feelings are just a reminder that I need to continue moving towards becoming an "athlete." You may ask why I didn't sign up and I have to admit I can't figure that out. I'm sure if one of my siblings were around I would have definitely been pounding the pavement. I will not miss out on something like this event again.
Bike Shorts
For all of you who have been wondering, my bike shorts have arrived and my butt is thanking me. It's amazing how much a pair of shorts can make a ride more comfortable.


  1. Hey I have fallen off my bike several times going fairly fast, and have barely scraped and bruised my hands -- lucky, or high center of gravity?

    Maybe riders maxing themselves out speed and performance wise should always wear a helmet, but it would be hard to get me to wear a helmet.

    I think coupons would be a good idea! $5 or $10 dollar coupons would be a more practical approach than trying to get helmets donated, it could be as much of a marketing stunt as a safety thing. How about a helmet exchange? Trade in old or cracked helmets for a discounted one?

    I've actually owned two helmets in my life. I left on in class and never recovered it. Same story for the second one, left it in a bar. Couldn't afford the safety habit -- this is back when I had friends who biked and re-inforced the idea.

    I believe that I have the instinct to let go of the handlebars in an emergency, thus NOT flipping with the bike, as I've done it twice, and put my hands out and land on them first. I wish I was wearing wrist guards like I used to wear when I was into rollerblading when I was like 13, for sure!

    Good luck Sarah, you're heart is in the right place! Always looking out for people :)

  2. helmets, and bike shorts, ROCK!! If ever I find myself on a bike without either of those, I feel really uncomfortable, almost like an imposter in the world of bikers. So glad you've geared up properly!

  3. I rarely wear a helmet unless I am mountain biking. And I have had encounters with vehicles and pavement. Sarah, don't you remember that when we were kids we never wore helmets?

    How are you doing with mileage?