Monday, May 25, 2009

I finally went clipless!!!

I got to Chicago on Friday at which time my Uncle Pete and Dad put the clips on my shoes and then installed my new peddles. My mom and Auntie Evie sat across the table watching the process asking 20 questions. Some examples: what are those, why would you use those, how do you get your feet out, do you wear a helmet, you are going to fall, what if you can't get your feet out?

During this conversation Aunt Evie and Mom told me I shouldn't use the shoes. They told me it isn't necessary, and I was going to get hurt. I got my big bro involved and called him to verify the fact that I would be much more efficient with these shoes and peddles, and he also made sure I knew I would have a massive wipe out at some point (I'm proud to say it hasn't happened yet).

After completing the installation and the very serious talk about my safety I went out to the street to test the new equipment. I had a very large audience. Auntie Evie, Uncle Pete, Dad and my Mom all stood there and cheered me on as I did loops in the street clicking my feet in and out of the peddles. You see I was prepping for the real reason I headed to Chicago last minute this Memorial Day...

One of the reasons I decided to go to Chicago this Memorial Day weekend was to participate in Bike the Drive with David, Jerry and Markie. We went out and rode 32 miles of vehicle free Lake Shore Drive. It was great to ride on LSD without the threat of car meeting bike AND the views you get from your bike instead of your car are pretty amazing. I can't wait to participate again.

As David and I were ending our 32 mile ride I was instantly ready to do another loop. Next week the goal is 45-50 mile training ride in Yellow Springs on Saturday and the following week is the 60 Mile Tourdecure!!!


  1. Sarah:
    WIshed you would have let us know you were coming home!! Ann and I are still committed to getting to Columbus... Nice job on the pedals.

  2. Yippe - beautiful day for a ride. heather

  3. Love the fact that you had an audience watch you try your new shoes. still chuckling over your bravery in exposing yourself like this :-) And am glad you roped your Bro (our Bro) into explaining the benefits of said shoes to your skeptics - don't you just love riding now?!!